Nutritious foods you should be eating

One of the greatest contributor to the obesity and overweight problems faces by people in the developed world, is their shallow choice of diet. It is a known fact that eating a balanced diet, made up of nutritious foods is the best way to keep healthy, yet very few people observe that.

For most of the part, ignorance is to blame, and the convenience that processed and fast foods offer. However, for you to maintain your health and start living a happy life, it is important that you eat nutritious foods. Below is a list of the best foods that should be included in your diet.

Eat these nutritious foods


You might have heard that eating fish makes you brighter academically, well there is some truth to this. The omega-3 fatty acids found in fish are great for improving memory, hence making it easy to remember what is taught in class. It is also a good source of protein.


Broccoli is a very nutritious food. Some of the nutrients you will get from eating this vegetable include fiber, folate, and potassium. It also has some antioxidant properties, making it a unique food. A general rule is to eat as many vegetables as possible, and broccoli should be on top of the veggies list.


Most berries contain phytonutrients, a natural chemical that is found in plants. This chemical is responsible for reducing the chances of developing cancer, heart diseases, and even diabetes. For the elderly, eating berries, especially blueberries, will minimize the likelihood of suffering from cognitive decline.

Berries are also known to reduce obesity; this is because they contain a compound called polyphenols, which activates the breakdown of lipids and fat in the body.


Apart from their incredible test, oranges are rich in fiber, and vitamin C. Eat at least one orange five times in a week. Make some fresh juice rather than buying processed juice with sugars.


Getting enough potassium in your body is crucial, and bananas are the known as the best source of this paramount nutrient. It also contains vitamin B6 and lots of fiber. Given their affordable price, eating bananas should be a hobby, however, remember to take it easy on the quantity.


Simply put, eggs are amongst the most nutritious foods ever known to humans. They provide protein and some moderate cholesterol.


We advise that you eat fresh, unprocessed meat. Meat is also excellent and important for your diet. Meat provides excellent proteins. When cooking, try and minimize the using of cooking fat.

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