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Foreword by
Leobert E.M. de Boer
(Chairman, European Association of Zoos and Aquaria)
Foreword by
Nick Lindsay
(Chair, EAZA Rhinoceros Taxon Advisory Group & Chair, Save the Rhinos, the EAZA Rhino Campaign 2005/6 Core Group)

Evolutionarily, rhinos are ancient and perhaps archaic species extending back millions of years in geological time. Nonetheless archaic as they may be those African and Asian species of rhino that have survived until present times are amazingly vital and impressive creatures. Their recent and rapid decline is purely the result of human interference with nature.

Rhinos have always been extremely popular zoo animals, in the eyes of both visitors and zoo staff. Now that rhinoceroses are directly endangered by extinction, let us mobilise our efforts for the sake of the survival of the last rhinos in the wild. This can be done by participating in Save the Rhinos, the EAZA Rhino Campaign 2005/6.

EAZA has formed a partnership with a UK-based charity, Save the Rhino International, specifically for this Campaign. We are very grateful for the involvement of the Campaign Manager, Renaud Fulconis, who is working closely with the Campaign Core Group and EAZAs Executive Office. I would also like to thank Save the Rhino and the International Rhino Foundation for their support. It should be stressed that all the funds raised by EAZA members for the Campaign will be granted to the in situ rhino conservation projects described further on these pages.

I sincerely hope that you will join us in our efforts. All together, we can demonstrate our dedication to the conservation of wild species and habitats.


The news in 2005, of the likely extinction of the Northern white rhino and a dramatic reduction in the number of rhinos in Nepal, highlight how vulnerable rhinos across their range continue to be. However, whilst these are tragic events, there is encouraging news in many rhino range states. What is very apparent is that rhinos, wherever they exist, will be vulnerable to environmental change, whether it be human-induced or natural, and to hunting pressure as it seems that the demand for rhino horn will always be with us.


Each campaign that EAZA has run has proved to be extremely successful in achieving their goals and we are very confident, with your support, that Save the Rhinos will continue that tradition. We hope that this website provides you information and inspiration that will be of value in years to come.

The Campaign has been pulled together with excellent support and input from a large number of people and I would like to thank all of those, including the team from Save the Rhino International, Tom Foose and the International Rhino Foundation, the representatives from the African and the Asian Rhino Specialist Groups and members of the Rhino TAG Committee and Advisors.

I would like to thank you for visiting this website. Welcome to Save the Rhinos, the 2005/2006 EAZA Campaign!…

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